The Global Asia Matters Summit
Going Global Faster: The New Asia Reality — 8 November 2017, Dublin

This Asia 360° leadership event, held in association with The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation along with Independent News and Media, Nikkei and The Chinese Weekly, will feature key learning from deep insights on the Asia market opportunity by business leaders and policy makers driving global business change.

Gain Market Insight, Share Ideas, Grow your Network

Asia Matters is proud to host the Inaugural Global Asia Matters Summit in association with The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation.

The summit brings together the top business leaders and key policy makers for substantive dialogue on the key drivers of global business change, market needs and corporate opportunities. Given dramatic geopolitical and economic change, the reality of the new global trade order now presents a unique opportunity of strategic partnership with Asia.

2017 Summit Speakers include

Why should you attend? 

The geopolitical risk of the dramatic changes in EU and transatlantic relations presents opportunities and challenges for open economies like Ireland. It is now critical to embrace the reality of the new global trade order and the opportunity of strategic partnership in the Asian Century as Asia now represents 40 % of global GDP and 60% of global consumers.


Countries and companies need to build new global alliances with Asia and the Global Asia Matters Summit will specifically examine:

  • Business opportunities within EU Asia FTAs including the recently concluded EU Japan EPA
  • How the enormous scale of infrastructure growth in Asia is driving business opportunities 
  • The China opportunity including building a successful M&A and cultural synergies 
  • Clarity on the key business opportunities in emerging markets in Asia
  • The credit implications and business impact of growth forecasts for the Chinese economy
  • How a changed America is driving new business opportunities with Asia
  • How the incredible growth of Asian FDI capital into Europe tech will double in the next two years
  • What global Asian companies want from European partners

Schedule of Events

This event will be running for one day only and include four key panels of experts and leaders discussing:

  • The New Global Trade Order in the Asian Century — Why Asia Matters

  • Business Partnership with Asia — What Asian Consumers Want

  • Business Partnership with Asia — What Asian Companies Want from Europe

  • Business Partnership with Asia in Building Future Societies — What Policymakers Want.

The Global Asia Matters Summit will be followed by a networking reception.






The Global Asia Matters Summit follows seven Asia Matters EU Asia Top Economist Round Tables and Financial Forums in Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Dublin. You can find out more about membership to Asia Matters, or find information on events and insights through our website and by signing up to our newsletter. 

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